Find accommodation in Pisa

Pisa has a wealth of accommodation options: hotels, B&B, and self-catering accommodation.

Find accommodation in Pisa

Pisa is a very popular tourist destination, and May and June are very busy months in the city. For this reason, you should make arrangements for your accommodation as soon as possible.

We did not create a list of recommended hotels because Pisa has a wealth of options. You can easily find the best solution for you by booking through one of the many portals featuring hotels, B&B, Guesthouses or self-catering accommodation. If you are travelling with a group, holiday rentals might be a good option to save on accommodation.

On the venue page, you can find a map with the exact location of Polo Piagge, where the Conference will be held. Pisa is a small city, flat and very walkable, so any of the many options in the city centre will allow you to reach the conference with a short walk or by city bus. The closest bus stops are served by city bus lines 1+, 13 and 5.

The University of Pisa has a “foresteria”, a B&B usually reserved for visiting scholars: Residence Le Benedettine. It is not in the immediate proximity of the conference venue but it is still convenient and in the centre. Prices are fair but rooms sell out quickly.

If you need information or assistance in choosing accommodation, you can contact

Should you need an official letter of invitation from the Organising committee to apply for a visa for the duration of the event, you can write to