Siria Guzzo; Chioma Juliet Ikechukwu-Ibe

University of Salerno,

Siria Guzzo; Chioma Juliet Ikechukwu-Ibe

University of Salerno,,


Siria Guzzo is Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Salerno, Italy. She holds a PhD in English for Special Purposes and an MA in Sociolinguistics. Her research interests mainly lie in the field of sociolinguistics, and language variation and change. She has conducted research and widely published in the fields of migration and its effects on identity, new ethnolect formation, language contact and its outcomes, and first and second language acquisition. Her publications include wide-ranging investigations on the Anglo-Italian community in the UK, and a forthcoming volume on the newly emerging Cook Islands variety of English.

Chioma Juliet Ikechukwu-Ibe is a PhD candidate at the Department of Humanities, University of Salerno, Italy and a help teacher of the English Language, as well as an cultore della materia (expert on the subject). She has interests in various fields of linguistics, particularly in intercultural pragmatics, (im)politeness studies and discourse analysis. She is a member of the International Pragmatics Association; Associazione Italiana di Anglistica; Identity, Language and Diversity. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Linguistics Association of Nigeria, Theory and Practice in Language Studies, and African Identities.

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