Aika Miura, Yuko Iwata

Rikkyo University, Meiji University

Aika Miura, Yuko Iwata

Rikkyo University, Meiji University,


Aika Miura, Ph.D., is a professor at the Center for Foreign Language Education and Research of Rikkyo University in Japan. Her research interest includes second language pragmatics and intercultural pragmatics. She has conducted studies on the development of pragmatic competence of Japanese learners of English in spoken learner corpora.

Yuko Iwata is a professor of linguistics and intercultural understanding at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. She holds a Ph.D. in education. Her specializations are interactive sociolinguistics, intercultural pragmatics, English language teaching and intercultural communication. Her current research interest is enhancing pragmatic awareness and competence of Japanese ELF students.


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