Environment and energy: a cross-cultural study

31 May 2024
Room C1

Environment and energy: a cross-cultural study

Company disclosure is critical both internally and externally, and will result in an opportunity or a threat, a positive or a negative response by the stakeholders. Among them, customers, employees, environment, and investors may put pressure on the organisation to improve reporting transparency.

Energy Sector companies are deemed environmentally sensitive. Thus, reporting not only on financial, but also on environmental and social issues is key to gaining both the reputation of caring about environment and sustainability, and the trust of its stakeholders. By integrating environmental regulations within its activities, procedures, and disclosures, the company improves its value, competitive advantage, overall performance, accountability, employee motivation, internal control (Laskin & Nesova, 2022).

The present paper focuses on how environmental issues are addressed in the websites and in the sustainability reports for the years 2021 and 2022 of BP (UK), Chevron (USA), CNPC (China), ONGC (India), Edison (Italy) and ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia). The methodology will focus on the textual features of their websites and sustainability reports, applying the cultural frameworks proposed by Hall (1976, 2000) and Hofstede (1980), to investigate whether and to what extent cultural attributes influence the reporting practices of these firms.

The results will demonstrate how some companies build trust by focusing on their commitment, active role, performance, and achievements to protect the environment, while others rely on their cultural values and traditions, respect and care for people and nature.



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